In ancient times music was the foundation of all the sciences. Education was begun with music with the persuasion that nothing could be expected of a man who was ignorant of music.
— Cicero (106-43 BC)

Guiding Principles

Applying new scientific knowledge  in artfully chosen musical compositions

EuMuse listening program recommendations stem from a rigorous understanding of the musical material, published scientific research and the latent needs and motivations of the clients. People-centered approach sharpens focus to guarantee success. Brain imaging studies have shown that various parts of the brain may be activated by a piece of music. In other words, specific pieces of music can be used to "program" one's brain to think and feel in specific ways.

Music phenomenon is regarded as cognitive, cultural, social and aesthetic phenomenon rather than merely as a matter of acoustical brain stimulation.

Music material is considered not as a static content to be mastered, but as personal, current and evolving.