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I.Mestrovic  mdm


O Music, In your depths we deposit our hearts and souls; you have taught us to see with our ears and to hear with our hearts.
— Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931)


EuMuse founder's inspiration and calling is the application of music, art and creative thinking to organizations and  complex problems. These applications lead to experience in innovative educational programs and social enterprises combining different fields of industry with music based thinking.

Designed for the specific needs of an individual, group and organization 

Teaching and Mentoring
Presentations and Workshops
Collaborative projects

EuMuse Listening Program Examples:

Audience:  Children, Expecting Mothers                                                         Settings:  Homes, Learning Institutions, Wellness Centers                                       

Learning place music enrichment Program                                                          to support children's cognitive, emotional, physical and social growth

  • Music for reflection and creativity - use as background music while students engage in creative work - to expand thinking skills, improve brain capacities unrelated to music such as learning new sensory and motor skills, and abstract concepts; stimulate brain's unique neuroplasticity  
  • Music for active learning, focus and concentration - use as background music while students study, read, or write - to increase attention levels, improve retention and memory, extend focused learning time

  • Music for creative design of soundscape- use as background music to creatively alter sonic environment - to energize, relax, uplift - shift to positive mood (e.g. welcome music, music for breaks, music for exercises)

Audience:  Adults                                                                                               Settings: Workplaces                                               

Workplace wellness program - music meditation module

  • offering cost effective, scientifically based, easily verifiable solution to everyday stress and overwork of the workforce (human capital is the most valuable asset)

  • exercise the art of listening in generating an intelligence gain in the business

Global corporations – expand sonic horizon module

  • expand sonic horizon;  by exploring music, employees expand their understanding of the world, historically, culturally and emotionally. We seldom realize, for example, that we think in terms of languages, sounds and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society. EuMuse program aims to enhance the global competence of an organization's talent by helping organizations to maximize the opportunities of working internationally

Audience:   Adults                                                                                               Settings:  wellness centers, clinics, assisted living facilities                                         Invigorate physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation

EuMuse listening modules can be used in very specific, targeted ways. e.g. to help reduce stress, decrease insomnia and depression, to decrease pain level, boost immune function, improve retention, memory and physical performance

Identifying audience in various settings:                                                     e.g. mediators negotiating a legal settlement, NGOs working in foreign countries, participants in international conferences