Raquel Cohen

Raquel Cohen

We trust that the magic of sound, will contribute an ever greater measure to the relief of human suffering.
— Robert Assagioli M.D.(1888-1974) Founder of Transpersonal Psychology

Music Modules

Even though we identify nine modules, in reality, they reside in a complex web of dependencies and interactions. They are highly interdependent.

Every single music module i.e. conscious music listening minute represents a learning moment, or more precisely, a micro-learning moment, and it foreshadows a much larger transformation.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower through developing, curating and disseminating research based recommendations.

Music Meditation Minutes selections:

  • Relax - Music that allows you to relax, reduce stress, fall into restful sleep

  • Energize - Music that increases your physical vitality, provides relief of fatigue and inertia and helps you to regain focus and strength

  • Focus – Learn – Memorize - Music to strengthen your mental power, focus, improve retention and memory

  • Create – Reflect - Music to stimulate your sensitivity, contemplate, boost creativity

  • Exercise – Music to energize your physical body, encourage movement activities

  • Uplift – Change Your Mood - Music to escape from negative thought patterns, provide an optimistic break to refocus and recharge

  • Strengthen the Healing Process - Music to provide temporary relief from pain discomfort, induce a positive and profound emotional experience

  • For Babies and Expecting Mothers Music to deepen the sense of growth and wellbeing, to instill nurturing atmosphere in your home

  • Expand Your Sonic Horizon - Music to experience traditional and contemporary music compositions from different cultures around the world