Raquel Cohen

Raquel Cohen

I live my daydreams in music.
I see my life in terms of music.
— Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

EuMuse  -  Music that does Good

Wellbeing through Music in Everyday Life

  • is a learning platform for mindful music listening
  • is a global knowledge project founded with a simple, but powerful mission – to help people access, understand and benefit from scientific breakthrough in music.


         EuMuse is a company on a mission to teach:

  • how to design and use the power of music to transform your brain and life

  • how to integrate conscious music listening into every day life

  • how to creatively alter your sonic environment

  • how to integrate conscious music listening in corporations, schools, kindergartens, wellness clinics, senior citizens centers, homes


         EuMuse Modules – Music Meditation Minutes

  • EuMuse music modules are designed to perform a particular task by incorporating new scientific discoveries with understanding of fundamental principles of music – resonance (Lat. resonare = return to sound), entrainment (merging with, or synchronizing to the pulse of music), harmonic series (frequency relations between the tones), timbre (quality of a sound that distinguishes different types of sound production).
  • EuMuse – scientifically supported music listening modules are targeted meditation minutes to enhance an individual's body systems, which, in turn, optimize health and wellbeing.


EuMuse •  Eu (Greek–good)+Muse (Greek–Mousike=Music)   /juː mjuːz/                       

Music - Art of the Muses *  Goddesses of the inspiration  of science, literature and the arts